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 My Renewed Mind

If you could only imagine!

You have done all the right things. You go to church on a regular basis, read scripture, attend a small group gathering and even listen to Christian radio on the way to work. Your past the point of needing to just feel good about God, you want to experience Him. But what does that mean and how do I activate that in my life....right now!

But how can I imagine with God?

Bible Study? Small Groups? Attending Sunday Service? Conferences? Even Quiet Time! These are all good, but I need something that will help me engage God right here, right now! I am looking for way to connect with God in a whole new way that will also engage my imagination.

But how do I renew my mind?

1. Discover Your Current Mental Wellbeing

Our mental wellbeing assessment takes only 10 minutes and provides a comprehensive overview of how you perceive the world around and your ability to operate freely in it.


2. Record A Personal Video To Your Future

The Future Me Now platform will allow you to record a confidential video on your Smart Phone to yourself in the future. You have now created your own mobile video journal!

Start your video journaling now!

Details about "My Renewed Mind"

Step #1 - Discover Your Current Mental Wellbeing Profile

It's time for you to take ownership around how you are thinking so that you can begin to renew your mind. Almost all believers want to have the truth of scripture renew their minds but unless you start with the understanding of how you are currently viewing the world around you, then you really do not have a foundation by which to build off of. This simple, fun and confidential mental wellbeing assessment only takes about 10 minutes but it gives you a tremendous insight into how you are currently processing the world around you.

#2 - Record A One Minute Video With God

Renewing your mind is really as simple as flipping a switch in your brain. Most people are unhappy because of what they measure themselves against, which is for the most part is something in the world or another person. But what if you started to meditate upon the truths of who the God in Heaven says that you are and then you just start to agree with that? This is called abiding. How would that renew your mind and drive the truth of God deep into your soul?

Renew Your Mind Daily By Abiding In The Word

Imagine If......

Right now you are struggling with what to do next in your life? Perhaps you are a bit confused, isolated and perhaps feeling like you really need to step into something new!

Imagine If......

You have received clarity about not only where you want to go in the future, but more importantly, who you are in the eyes of God.

When you know who you are, you will know what to do! 

Right now you could be learning how to connect with our Father in Heaven in a new and transformational way. You have heard and perhaps read a lot about your identity in Christ and how important it is to your walk with the Lord, but have you ever experienced that in your own life? This is not something that you have learned in church or any Bible Study and yet, it is the essence of who we are as Christians. All of this is available to you right now in the " I am in Christ ".

Start your video journaling with God!

Why does this work so well?

We created the Future Me Framework to be easy, fun and simple to use and then integrate the proprietary process called The 5 Lightbulbs to guide you through your transformation. Most people are unhappy because of how they measure progress. We all have an "ideal", a moving target that is always out of reach. When we measure ourselves against that ideal, we're in " the Gap ". However, when we measure ourselves against our previous selves, we're in "the Gain". The Future Me Videos allows the user to encounter themselves by viewing a video that they sent to the future. This simple, yet effective process allows you to literally jump from the future, to the present so that you can have the power to change your conscious thoughts and awareness. This gives the user  the ability to course correct their life and gives them an ability to guide where they are going in the future. 

When you begin to befriend your Future Me, you will learn that measuring your current self vs. your former self has enormous psychological benefits. The key to this deceptively simple yet multi-layered concept is that you will start to feel good about your progress because you can measure the progress that you are making. Even when times are tough you will still see progress which will in turn bolster motivation, confidence and future success. 

If you're finding that your future eludes you no matter how much you've achieved, then learning this easy mindset shift will set you on a life changing path to greater fulfillment and success. 

Who Is This For?

Career Seekers

You are looking forward to a new career or are starting the process of interviewing.

Relationship Builders

Receive clarity on how your relationships can improve

Personal Life

It's time to focus on one of your dreams, desires or visions

Family Builders

You see an opportunity in your life to focus upon the family area of your life

Renew Your Mind Daily

Start your video journal with God!

The Hall Of Tyrannus 

An ebook about how Scripture renews your mind

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