$49.95 USD

The 7 Day "Ask Me Who I am" Challenge

What you'll get 

  • Seven days of Defined Bible Study teachings that are about 20 minutes each
  • Instructions on how to download and activate the FutureMe app on your phone so that you can record your very first Mashup to your future
  • Instructions on how to create a Mashup each day after you watch the Defined Bible Study daily teaching
  • A Bonus on Day 8 to keep you moving toward your new identity
  • A certificate of completion and an invitation to join our I am in Christ Facebook Group so that you can continue to grow in your Identity in Christ. 

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What People Are Saying:

"I thought that it was a bit crazy at first to send a video to my future but after applying the strategies that I learned from the this program, I found a new job that paid me significantly more with much better benefits "