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I am in Christ

The 7 Day Identity Challenge

Become the person that you already are!

You have seen the Overcomer Movie

 Now learn who YOU are!

 Topics for The 7 Day Challenge

Day 1: Created by God 

Day 2: Broken by Sin

Day 3: Transformed 

Day 4: We Are in Christ

Day 5: We have in Christ

Day 6: Living in Christ

Day 7: Walking in Spirit

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Tell me if this sounds like you?

The combination of growing confusion and isolation in the world makes you feel powerless to change your life in a positive way. As things change and life speeds up, the compounding sense of confusion, isolation and powerlessness deepens. You have a sense that it's impossible to overcome.

No one else in the world can provide the answers to questions about your future, but you keep doing searches on Google, watching influencers on your mobile phone or seeking out the next dopamine hit by sending a photo of yourself on social media. 

What if there was a way to....?

In this complex world, the answers that you are looking for will not come from the outside world, but from the renewing of your mind. These answers will be in response to the right question. The right question needs to be integrated into a framework that enables you to simplify your complex life and navigate the constant change. 

What if you could turn...... ?

Confusion into meaning 

Isolation into purpose 

Powerlessness into hope 

You see, your brain is a story seeking muscle and it is always looking for ways to make sense of what is happening. It's time that you use this amazing capability to your advantage and start to train your brain on how to develop deep focus that works to bring clarity around your God given purposes.

Start Your 7 Day Challenge

Bonus #1: Future Me Framework

Features of your Future Me Framework

1. Create Your Identity Statement

" I am .................". This one statement will start to renew your mind because it will allow it to look for clarity around a clear answer to that statement. 

2. Introduction of the One Thing strategy

You can write a FutureMe letter to encourage your future self and stay on track to your goals. Or you can just use it get your thoughts from the present moment out on paper, to clear your mind and let your future self look back on what your life was like, and see how far you've come. The letter writing process seems simple, right? You just write what you want to say to yourself in the future, choose when you want it to be sent, and even choose to share it publicly if you want. Easy!

3. Send yourself a Future Video

Thinking about and writing to the future - your future - is a powerful exercise. So take some time to reflect on what you think - and want - the future to bring in a week, month, year, five years, ten years...more? You can use FutureMe to imagine your dreams or make a prediction about your life or the world at large.

Details of the Future Me Framework

1. Create your own Identity Statements

Identity statements help clarify the truth of who you are and empower you to replace insecurity with your true identity. 

But how do you learn to actually talk to yourself in a way that builds up your identity and doesn't tear it down?

The good news? You are only minutes away from stepping into a process that you can use the rest of your life to affirm who you Christ.

2. Introduction to the One Thing Strategy

People are using this simple, powerful concept to focus on what matters most in their personal and work lives. The main focus of the ONE Thing is to help people find the one thing that they can do that will make everything else easier or unnecessary. In other words, once you come up with a goal for yourself it is important for you to ask yourself every day what is the one thing I can do today to take me closer to that goal. Every day you are looking for your number one priority.

3. Record Your Own Future Video

Increase your progress and happiness just by flipping a switch in your brain.¬†Most people, especially highly ambitious people, are unhappy¬†because of what they measure themselves against. We all have an ideal, which is like a moving target always out of reach. When we measure ourselves against our ideal, we‚Äôre in ‚ÄúThe Gap.‚ÄĚ However, when we measure ourselves against our previous selves‚ÄĒthe person we were when we set our goals and ideals‚ÄĒwe will be in ‚ÄúThe Gain.‚ÄĚ

Bonus #2: Access to our FB Community & Daily Devo's

Tools That Renew Your Mind

Defined videos sent to you each day for 7 days

A quick tutorial on how to download the FutureMe App

Instructions on how to record your first FutureMe Mashup

A FREE invite to an online community to continue your growth

Imagine If......

Right now, you are struggling with what to do next in any areas in your life? Perhaps you are a bit confused, isolated and even feeling like you really need to step into something new!

Imagine If......

Within 30 minutes, you have received clarity around how you are mentally coping with life and more importantly, the next action that you need to take to make your future bigger.

This could be your reality 

Right now, you could be learning how to connect with your future and having fun doing it. So much fun in fact that it would be something that you want to continue to do for the rest of your life because you understand that this is a skill that has been missing in your life.

Start Your 7 Day Challenge

Why does this work so well?

We use our proprietary process called the Future Me Framework which is triggered by a Future Me Video which allows anyone to create their own unique and personal Future Me. Most people are unhappy because of how they measure progress. We all have an "ideal", a moving target that is always out of reach. When we measure ourselves against that ideal, we're in the gap. However, when we measure ourselves against our previous selves, we're in the gain. The Future Me Framework allows you to create a relationship with who you are becoming by viewing a video that you had sent to the future, but that now is delivered back to you for your review. This simple, yet effective process allows you to literally jump from the future, to the present and then determine your past so thationat you can define all three at once. This gives you the ability to " course correct " your life while determining your next action point for where you are going in the future. 

The Future Me Framework teaches you how to measure your current self vs. your former self which has enormous psychological benefits. The result of this deceptively simple yet multi-layered concept will have you feeling good, feeling grateful, and feeling like you are making progress, even when times are tough. This will in turn bolster motivation, confidence and future success. 

If you're finding that happiness eludes you no matter how much you've achieved, then learning this easy mindset shift will set you on a life changing path to greater fulfillment and success.