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It's time to start to dream again

The biggest challenge for everyone living today is how to adjust to a continual increase of complexity in every area of life. There are always more things to think about as we wrestle with the integration of new technologies into our personal and professional lives.

But if you are trying to navigate through all of the noise of our culture, who do you turn to so that you can find your own way through all of the confusion. The surprisingly simple truth is that you do! The challenge is that no one has ever helped you to understand how to tap into this most powerful of life skills. 

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Tell me if this sounds like you?

The combination of growing confusion and isolation in the world makes you feel powerless to change your life in a positive way. It's a vicious cycle. As things change and life speeds up, the compounding sense of confusion, isolation and powerlessness deepens. 

No one else in the world can provide the answers to questions about your future, but you keep doing searches on Google, watching influencers on your mobile phone or seeking out the next dopamine hit by sending a photo of yourself on Instagram. 

What if there was a way to....?

In this complex world, the answers that people find the most valuable will not come from the outside world, but from the inside. These answers will be in response to the right question. The right question needs to integrated into a framework that enables people to simplify their complex lives and navigate the constant change. 

What if you could turn...... ?

Confusion into meaning when you answer just one question

Isolation into purpose when you realize that you can clarify your own future. 

Powerlessness into hope as a result of your new meaning and purpose. 

As soon as you answer The Focusing Question then this becomes a seed by which your brain begins to look for a pathway to achieve that answer. You see, your brain is a story seeking muscle and it is always looking for ways to make sense of what is happening. It's time that you use that amazing capability of your overcomer mindset to your advantage and start to train your brain how to develop deep focus that works to create the future that you want.

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Activate your Future Me Now Framework

1. Analysis of your assessment

The MHQ is a snapshot of your self-perception along various dimensions of mental function that determine your mental wellbeing.


2. Record Your First Future Video

Download the FutureMe app on your Smart Phone which will allow you to record a video to your future of the one thing that you want to accomplish. 

Take your Free Future Me Assessment

Details about your Future Me Framework

Discover how you think...about your thinking

Our mental cognitive assessment provides a comprehensive understanding of your current mental wellbeing and mental health. Mental wellbeing is the ability to handle life and its various stresses and challenges. The MHQ is therefore a snapshot of your self-perception along various dimensions of mental function that determine your mental wellbeing. It is not a measure of happiness or life satisfaction

Begin to Record and Send Videos To Your Future Self

Increase your progress and happiness just by flipping a switch in your brain. Most people, especially highly ambitious people, are unhappy because of what they measure themselves against. We all have an ideal, which is like a moving target always out of reach. When we measure ourselves against our ideal, we’re in “The Gap.” However, when we measure ourselves against our previous selves—the person we were when we set our goals and ideals—we will be in “The Gain.”

Your Tools To Help You Envision Again

  • Your own personal mental health overview of strengths/weaknesses
  • A quick tutorial on how to download the FutureMe App
  • A walkthrough of "The Focusing Question" process
  • Instructions on how to record your first FutureMe video.
  • A free strategy call to discuss your progress

Imagine If......

Right now you are struggling with what to do next in your life? Perhaps you are a bit confused, isolated and perhaps feeling like you really need to step into something new!

Imagine If......

You have received clarity about not on only where you want to go in the future but more importantly, what you should do today?

This could be your reality 

Right now you could be learning how to connect with your future and having fun doing it. So much fun in fact that it would be something that you want to continue to do because you understand that this is a skill that has been missing in your life.

Why does this work so well?

We use our proprietary AI technology process that can create a Future Me Framework for any person of any age. Most people are unhappy because of how they measure progress. We all have an "ideal", a moving target that is always out of reach. When we measure ourselves against that ideal, we're in the gap. However, when we measure ourselves against our previous selves, we're in the gain. A Future Me Framework allows the user to encounter themselves by viewing a video that they sent to the future. This simple, yet effective process allows you to literally jump from the future, to the present so that you can have the power to change your conscious thoughts and awareness. This gives the user the ability to " course correct " their life and gives them an ability to guide where they are going in the future. 

When you create your own Future Me Compass, you will learn that measuring your current self vs. your former self has enormous psychological benefits. And that the key to this deceptively simple yet multi-layered concept that will have you feeling good, feeling grateful, and feeling like you are making progress even when time are tough, which will in turn bolster motivation, confidence and future success. 

If you're finding that happiness eludes you no matter how much you've achieved, then learning this easy mindset shift will set you on a life changing path to greater fulfillment and success. 

Who Is This For?

Career Seekers

You are looking forward to a new career or are starting the process of interviewing.

Relationship Builders

It's hard to get clarity on how much relationships can dramatically effect your entire life

Personal Life

It's time to focus on one of your dreams, desires or visions

Wealth Builders

You see an opportunity in your life to focus upon the financial area of your life

Chris Smart

Creating a Future Me might sound crazy but don't tell Chris Smart that! He used his Future Me to find a new job that paid him significantly more and gave him better benefits.

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