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 Future Me Framework

The Surprisingly Simple Way To Create Your Future


“I created a vision of David in my mind and simply carved away everything that was not David”        


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 Future Me Framework

The Surprisingly Simple Way To   Create Your Future

"I created a vision of David in my mind and simply carved away everything that was not David”  Michelangelo

Discover Your Future Framework

Follow The 5 Lightbulbs

The Five Lightbulbs tells a story. It’s the story of how a person can create and live from their future self. When you see this transforma5onal process as a story it will show up to anyone as five “aha moments“ which are called the 5 Lightbulbs. It is a discovery framework, but one that will allow people to see why befriending their Future Me is the most powerful way to create the iden5ty that they really want, not the one that others have given them. This empowers them to take ownership of their own thoughts and ul5mately learn that we are designed to ascend and transcend into someone who is blessed.


Lightbulb #1 – Your Current Identity

Lightbulb #1 represents our current identity. For many, it is the language of past experience. You need to meet yourself right where you are. We call this place our false identity. This normally shows up as a voice that sounds like fear, doubt and a lack of confidence in what our future looks like. The challenge is that mainstream thinking and culture has been captured by this idea that time is linear and sequential and that the past determines the present and the present determines the future so it is easy to stay in this mindset.

Lightbulb #2 – False Identities You Have Tried

So what identities are available for us to change? It’d be a mistake to cover our eyes and pretend that there are many identities that don’t exist, but the reality is that there is an unlimited choice these days for us to choose from. In fact, data suggests that the challenge today is that we are overwhelmed by the number of identities that we can step into each day. Lightbulb #2 represents language around the other identities (bridges) that you have lived out of to cross over to the other side, but in many cases you failed in your attempts to see lasting change in your life.

Lightbulb #3 – What Is Your True Identity?

Lightbulb #3 is a powerful one. It’s the first Lightbulb that focuses on clarity of the next bridge to build to get to the other side. How are people going to proceed into the future which is full of unknowns and mystery.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new identity that makes the existing identity obsolete. This wisdom runs exactly counter to what most people advise, which unwittingly teaches people to fight against their existing identity rather than building a new one. These common ideas and practices, as well meaning as they are, set people up to fail from the beginning because they are based on their current identity. Trying to change our behavior without addressing our identity is foolish.

Lightbulb #4 – Create Your Future Me Framework

The creation of anyone’s Future Me Framework is actually very simple. It involves three steps and only take less that 1 hour to set up, but will provide a lifetime of benefits. Each step has been carefully crafted from the perspective of solid neuroscience which allows for everyone to use their childlike imagination to activate their future vision.

Step #1 – Take the Sapien Mind Health Quotient ( MHQ )
Taking this 10 minute assessment creates a mental foundation for anyone to begin to stand on and work from. This will be your True North going forward for the rest of your life.

Step #2 – Learn about My One Thing strategy
Initially, this is as as simple as teaching people about how to ask themselves the focusing question.

Step #3 – Introduce the platform/app to write our My One Thing goal that you want to focus on in the future.

Lightbulb #5 – Living In Your True Identity

Instead of operating from the frame of our past or present, it becomes dramatically more powerful to operate from who you want to become. The ability of human beings to use their intuitive minds allows anyone to image and consider future scenarios that translate into powerful visions that encourage action. Our ability to image a future and then use that future to frame and guide our existing situation and actions is not only helpful, but literally essential.

However, there are particular types of futures that have more potent effects on one’s life here and now than others. Research shows that having a seemingly impossible future turns out to be profoundly useful. In other words, imagining and attempting an impossible goal is such an absurd frame for any of us that it literally dismantles or disrupts your current identity. like almost nothing else can.